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Grits – Extended Version

James Brown King of the world, expresses its best, its talent through this wonderful organ synthesizers. The melody takes you to the core of your stomach. Flying , stinging, sliding, swaying you right to left. An expression of self by definition. The majestic Solo takes you away from your problem and takes all of your attention. Genius ! What is a genius ? An individual that can resolve a problem, a conflict without having experienced it ever before and this is what the song is providing. It is transporting you to an unknown but so much known universe. Can’t get tired of this song psychedelic song. After the sumptuous synthesizer solo your are guiding to a guitar solo bringing you back smoothly to the planet earth.

Must be listened and this song is definitely graded 8/10

1 – for imagination
1 – for quality
1 – Improvisation
1 – Spirituality
1 – Originality
1 – Out of Time – Timeless
1 – Good length
1 – Tireless – Can be listen multiple times

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